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Week 4: Romans 4-11

Romans is all about Jesus, what he has done for us and in us. Our reading for this week is Romans 4-11. What stands out to you? Romans 8:1 is what grabbed me.

Romans 8:1 - Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Paul doesn’t say if you live a sin free life or you do everything right there will be no condemnation. He doesn’t say work as hard as you can and hopefully on the day of judgement there will be no condemnation. Paul said if you have put your faith in Jesus this very moment and every moment after, including the moment you stand before Jesus, there is no condemnation! Jesus has already given the verdict on your life and that verdict is not guilty.

Many believers live under the heavy weight of their sins, weaknesses and failures. They live in guilt and fear. They live everyday as though God is mad and disappointed in them. I know that I once did.

What does condemnation do in a believer’s life? It pushes us further from God not closer. If you think someone is mad and disappointed in you, does that make you want to be closer to them or hide from/avoid them? When I was a kid and my dad was mad at me, I stayed away. Condemnation also discourages us resulting in us wanting to give up on God and ourselves. How many people have drifted from the Church and Jesus because they felt they were not good enough? Too many!

Condemnation also makes us more condemning and unloving towards others. If we live in God's grace and love, we will extend grace and love to others. If we walk in condemnation, we will extend condemnation to others.

When I realize Jesus has already paid the price for my sins and declares me not guilty, I can walk every day in love, joy and grace. God is not mad or disappointed in me, he loves me as a son or daughter. When God looks at me, he sees Jesus’ perfect life. If you have not put your faith in Jesus, do so right now. If you have, right now rise up as a son/daughter of God and cast off your chains of fear and condemnation.

Prayer for the week: Jesus help me to live everyday free from condemnation. Help me to live in your grace and love. Help me to give out to others that same grace and love.

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Cynthia Wooten
Cynthia Wooten
Jan 29, 2023

The scripture/Chap that really stuck with me this week was Romans 1. It is a very encouraging thought that Abraham was going to be a father in his old age. He believed it because God said it. So many times as a Christian the Lord has given promises in our lives. We let the enemy steal these promises. We as believers have to work overtime standing firm in the promises of Christ. Reading the word, worship, and fellowship with Christ. God said it I believe it and stand firm walking in it. Amen

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