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What can I expect when I visit Southwood Church?

You can expect a casual and friendly atmosphere where there are plenty of volunteers ready to serve you and your family as you arrive. Our Sunday service allows us to maintain an intimate, family-friendly environment by offering something for everyone.

What should I wear?

There is no dress code for attending services at Southwood Church. Some attenders dress casually and some dress up, it’s all good! You are free to come exactly as you are, so wear whatever you are most comfortable in.


What happens when I arrive?

When you arrive at Southwood Church service, you will enter in to the campus’s main lobby. You’ll be greeted by a friendly smile from one of our greeters. There will be some refreshments for you to enjoy, and you can check your kids into our kids’ ministry, Southwood Kids.

What is service like?

We always start our services with a time of energetic, passionate praise and worship. Once worship is over, we will share a few announcements about what’s happening at our church through video and live communicators. We’ll then continue our worship through an offering, which flows right into the weekend message. Most weekends, our Lead Pastor, Keith Williams will preach. Our services close with a brief time to respond to God in both worship and prayer.


What about my kids?

Our Southwood Kids ministry provides an amazing weekend experience just for them. Visit the Southwood Kids check-in kiosk where our team will register your children and give them a name badge with a parent pick-up tag. Please let us know if your child has any allergies or special requirements during the check-in time. If we need to contact you during service, your parent pick-up number will be displayed on the screen in the Sanctuary. At the end of the service, simply show your parent pick-up tag to the teacher in your child’s classroom and your child will be released to you.


Anything for students?

Southwood Youth is the youth ministry at Southwood Church. We have a passion to invest in the lives of students and to see them become fully devoted followers of Christ. Our 6th-12th graders love spending time connecting with each other as they grow in the Lord . 


How do I get connected?

We encourage each of our regular attendees to do three things: Attend the weekend worship experience, connect with others, and serve in a ministry. We’ve made it simple for you to connect in these areas.  We offer a variety of Community Groups that meet on varying days and times. These groups are a great place to connect with Christ as you connect with others and “do life together.”

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