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southwood 2023
coats for kids outreach

All kiddos deserve to be warm on those fall and winter days but perhaps some families are struggling with financial means to provide them.  Southwood Church is here to help!

who is eligible for a coat?

If you've received a link to our outreach page from a friend, teacher, family member or just by happening upon our website - we are here for you!  All kiddos in your household that are in need of a coat are eligible. 

What are we offering?

We have over 100 coats that our congregation purchased for this project in various sizes ranging from infants through adult sizes for those high school kiddos out there.  To be sure we have a coat for everyone that shows up on distribution day, we are asking you to complete the registration form below (letting us know what sizes you need).  You will then receive a confirmation email from us within 48 hours letting you know if we still have coats available to fill your needs.  UPDATE:  ONLY THE SIZES LISTED AS OPTIONS ON THE FORM ARE AVAILABLE, WE APOLOGIZE FOR ANY DISAPPOINTMENT BUT OUR SUPPLY IS RUNNING LOW AND OUR BUDGET FOR PURCHASING ADDITIONAL SIZES HAS BEEN EXHAUSTED.

When is this happening?

If you are seeing this information and the registration form is still accepting requests, we are taking reservations.  The distribution day will be on Saturday, September 16th from 10AM through 2PM in the church fellowship hall.  Southwood Church is located at 8700 S. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN  46217.  If you receive a confirmation from us that we have coats available for your kiddos, you are invited to come in during that four hours distribution time and let you kiddos get their coats!  There are no strings attached - our congregation just wants to bless the children of our community with warm coats for the season.

interested in helping?

If you are a congregation member, community member or just someone that heard about this outreach and want to help - we are accepting financial donations to purchase additional coats that might be needed to fill orders in sizes that we may run short on.  If you are interested in making a donation - please click the "donate now" button below and follow the form instructions.  Please choose "outreach donations" from the "fund" dropdown list. 


If you have any questions about our Coats for Kids outreach, making a contribution or about Southwood Church in general - please don't hesitate to reach out.  We can be contacted via email at  Thank you for your support and prayers for this outreach!

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