christmas project 2021

Every year our Southwood family chooses a cause to support for the Christmas Holiday.

who are we supporting?

This year we have selected the Central Indiana Teen Challenge - Teenage Girls Group from Lebanon, Indiana.  This specific Teen Challenge Center works to restore adolescent females (ages 13-17) with life controlling problems to a productive lifestyle and become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well and spiritually alive.

why are we supporting them?

These girls have been in tough places in their short life.  They are enrolled in a 12-15 month program that requires them to live on-site during that time while they work to overcome a life controlling issue.  It is a difficult and brave choice that these families make to live apart from each other in order to restore their lives - ESPECIALLY during the holiday season.  We want to bless them and let them know that we care about them during their journey.

what are we doing?

We plan to provide each staff member (8) and student (22) with a small gift bag with about $5 worth of goodies in it and a $50 gift card.  The staff members will take the students to the store to allow them to use the gift card to pick out items.  We will also be providing an honorarium to CITC as they will conduct the Sunday Morning Service on December 12th.  Finally, we will provide them with a hot meal after that service.  Our total budget for this project is $2,350.  

how can you help?

Financial contributions toward our 2021 Christmas Project can be made via cash, check or credit card.  You may drop cash or check contributions into the red offering baskets at the Welcome Center or mail to Southwood Church, 8700 S. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN  46217 - please make sure to note "Christmas Project" on your giving envelope.  If you prefer to make a donation online, click the "DONATE NOW" button below.  This will connect you to our online giving platform - once you are connected please select "Christmas Project" from the drop down menu of funds.  

Fundraising Thermometer.png

As of 12/10 we have collected $1,300 of our $2,350 goal


If you have any questions about this year's Christmas Project, making a contribution, the December 12th Service with Central Indiana Teen Challenge or about Southwood Church in general - please don't hesitate to reach out.  We can be contacted via email at or by phone at 317-888-5683.  Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this project!