vbs @ southwood

The Details

Happy Kids Huddle

Who Is Invited:

Children in Grades K-5

What Is Included:

Bible Lessons, Songs, Games, Activities, FUN!


Monday, July 12th through Friday, July 16th 

Check-In @ 6:30PM

Check-Out @ 8:30PM


Southwood Church @ 8700 S. Meridian Street

Please use the rear/west door for entry.

Children MUST be accompanied into the building.

Children must have a registration form completed to attend.  You may complete this form online by completing the form in the Registration area below or pick up a paper form at the Welcome Center in the lobby.

Theme and Lesson Content

Our curriculum for this year's VBS is adapted from ShareFaith Kid's "The Shepherd King - The Story of David" VBS package.  

Daily Bible Lessons will include:

Day 1 - David & Samuel: God Has A Plan For Us

Day 2 - David Fights Goliath: God Gives Us Victory

Day 3 - David, Saul & Jonathan: God Brings Us Good Friends

Day 4 - David Spares Saul: God Wants Us To Be Merciful

Day 5 - David Becomes King: God Has A Glorious Future Awaiting Us

Over the 5 days, your kids will embark on an epic adventure in which they discover David’s exciting journey, from shepherd to king.  They will also learn an amazing truth; In Jesus, God has a glorious future awaiting them!

Shepherd-King-Pinterest 2.jpg

Participant Registration Form

In order for us to be properly prepared to host kiddos for VBS, we are requiring all participants to have a completed registration form on file.  Please click on the link below to complete the form or you are welcome to pick up a paper copy at the Welcome Center.

Policies and Procedures

Safety is a top priority at Southwood!

Background Checks

We have criminal and sexual offender background checks performed on our regular Southwood Kids Volunteers.  VBS takes several more hands than our regular services - so there will be some extra adults in the building to help out in our large group setting.  Only verified volunteers are allowed to take children away from the group for things like restroom needs.  

Illness Prevention

Upon arrival of every volunteer and child participant - a temperature scan will be performed.  Anyone that has a temperature will not be allowed past the check-in area.  Antibacterial soaps are used in all restrooms and liquid hand sanitizer is available in all public spaces.  Use of hand sanitizer may be encouraged as we transition between activities.

Masking Policy

Southwood's current Covid masking policy:

Volunteers:  Must wear a mask unless they have shown proof of vaccination.

Child Participants:  Strongly encouraged to wear a mask but is at the discretion of the parent.

*Disposable masks are available.  


Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions about how to sign up, what will be going on, general questions about the facility, etc - please do not hesitate to contact us!  We want to make sure you are comfortable and your kiddos are ready to learn more about God and have fun!

The best way to contact us for fastest response is via email at info@southwoodchurch.tv.

If you prefer phone, the church phone number is 317-888-5683.  You may have to leave a message if no one is in the office - expect a call back within 24 hours.